Niche Marketing at its Finest

Posted on February 11, 2011


Stumbled upon this site recently and yes, I’m a lobster lover, and yes I want to do a real bake on the beach someday, but I would totally use this service for a special occasion.

But what is so interesting to me as a marketer, is how they’ve positioned themselves so perfectly to have a niche and it seems they are very successful. Allow me to express my excitement…

Engaging & Appealing

It doesn’t hurt that the Lobstermen are all kind of cute, but giving them a personality — they have a DVD — creates that connection with the would-be customer over all the other potential sources of fresh lobster. Did I mention they have an active blog? With promotions that are very clever. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in a holiday song contest with fish in it.

The site is really well done, which when you are providing a high-quality product I believe is a must.

Giving Back

But that’s not where my admiration stops. As a small company, they’ve chosen to also be a good citizen and not just sponsor the local soccer club. The support the Gulf of Maine nonprofit, and teach children about conservation, etc. All of this is great #CSR, in the sense that they have completed their circle of giving to the community, giving to the environment and giving to their bottom line.

It’s the whole package and it makes me smile. They aren’t trying to be something they aren’t, and they aren’t reaching out beyond their comfort zone. And it seems to be working very nicely for them. So now, my only decision left is for what occasion am I going to order me this amazing Gentleman’s Feast.

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