Missed opportunity for GoGo

Posted on January 23, 2011


I just set up a Netflix account to mostly use from my iPad. Our first flight post-purchase I knew our plane had wifi, so I think to myself I should be able to watch a movie, right?


It seems the GoGo connection wasn’t equipped to stream a movie via Netflix after I paid my $9.99 for wifi access. So this led me to two questions or ideas.

1. Is there enough demand for GoGo to figure out how to support movies? Or was it a flaw in the Netflix app? This seems less likely since sitting at home on my network the movie loaded instantly. So it has to be related to bandwidth. I know they must have to manage the usage by so many passengers at once, but I suspect if they haven’t increased their capacity yet, they will realize they need to soon. What is equally likely is the GoGo agreement with the airline may want to make airline movies exclusive and not want the flyer to pay elsewhere.

2. Why am i paying twice to watch a movie? I already pay a monthly subscription for Netflix, and if i flew more i would probably have a monthly account with GoGo as well. But I would be mad for what feels like a lot of dough to watch a movie. If I had the ear of either party i would suggest they create a partnership that would benefit all parties. Netflix customers can take full advantage of their membership while in the air. And what would be in it for GoGo? Netflix has a huge account base. There could be cross-promotion for a discounted wifi rate enticing the user to get on. The Netflix app could recognize the GoGo wifi and present the special offer linking over to GoGo.

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