How this overly active mind feels

Posted on January 2, 2011


Looking for some inspiration to my blog, I found this post and while I wouldn’t claim to be the most creative, I do put myself in this category of more ideas than I can manage. And what’s added to that is modern technology – the Internet, my iPad, Twitter and Facebook – it’s all for me to learn and grow with, but it’s also very distracting.

So lately, I’ve started to wonder if I really am ADHD or have a disorder. My mom pointed out that I never had a problem focusing in high school being a great student, etc. I said I didn’t have as many distractions and honestly, I didn’t have to study that hard. But I was the kid who couldn’t sleep at night, and ever since I can remember I would say the alphabet backwards in my head to make myself go to sleep. I always had crazy dreams and a lot had to do with me moving in warp speed and the world going slow, or vice versa. So maybe I HAVE always been this way.

I honestly think it’s just become more acute with experience and knowledge and access to information.

I would be willing to put my brain up for some study to figure out if it really lights up differently on the screen, or that there is some connection to different stimulants and what triggers ideas and if and how my brain can prioritize and organize them for later. And most importantly to me, I’d like to know how many people out there are feeling this – and to track their progress over time against mine to see if we can learn ways to better manage and control our thoughts.

Just sayin…

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